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Welcome to the abstract artist life

Hello and welcome to this blog! I'm Yolanda, a Spanish woman who lives in Manchester, UK . This is not my first blog, I've had few of them, almost all are currently closed, just Helloyolan is opened at the moment. But that is another story. No one in my family is interested in art at all, and talking with them I noticed that they don't enjoy the art, in general, less the abstractionism. I've never forgotten the day that my nephews came to visit me in Manchester and we went to the Manchester Art Museum. Oh my Good! They start to make jokes and I started to be uncomfortable. I am sure that reaction was a consequence of feeling lost and don't understand what they were seen. Do you feel like that in front of modern art? Do you struggle in art galleries? Do you think art is just for experts? Don't worry that feeling is normal and I can help you to stop feeling it. On this blog, I want to share with you all my knowledge about abstrac

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